Stephen Hawking: Quest for a Theory of the Universe

The brilliant Stephen Hawking is one of the brightest scientists of the 21st century. He wrote a book called A Brief History of Timeone of the iconic books of the twentieth century. This book was about his theories and discoveries. Hawking made some discoveries that helped scientific advancement. His discovery on black holes distribution of energy and matter changed the way we see black holes. Hawking has went from an average student through grade school to one of the most brilliant minds science has ever seen. He will be recognized along with other scientists that shaped the world such as Newton, Galileo, and Eisenhower.

Stephen Hawking- Genius, Revolutionary, Queer, Cunning

21st century- Change, Technology, Discoveries, Internet

“Early in 1974 Hawking agreed to present his bizarre discovery [Hawking radiation, and black hole explosions] in a paper at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, south of Oxford. Traveling there, he still agonized over it. He’d been hedged his bets little by putting a question mark in the title, “Black Hole Explosions?” The short presentation, including slides of equations, was greeted with embarrassed silence and few heads of many in the audience, experts in other fields. But it was more or less obvious to everyone that he was theory. Those who did understand were shocked and unprepared to argue with him. The lights were snapped back on. The moderator, a respected professor rose and declared, “Sorry Stephen but this is absolute rubbish.” Hawking published this “rubbish” the nest month in the prestigious British Science magazine Nature, and within days physicists were disguising it all over the world.”

I think this part is most important because he showed his hard work, and determination despite the fact that someone so prestigious and respected told him he was wrong. Later his theory became very talked about and everyone had their own perspective on his claim. But the majority of the scientists used this theory to justify their own theory whether they were for or against it it made for a big controversial argument that revolutionized our understanding on black holes.

  1. Would you go by all four years of high school getting mediocre grades (B-D’s) and study hard for the SAT’s to get into a good college?
  2. If your parents pressured you to become a doctor and shunned your ideal job would you still want to pursuit your dreams?
  3. Are your ways of life the right ways? Is there such thing as a “right way” to live life?

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My Spring Break

Friday April 11th, the day before the highly anticipated spring break. We followed the same usual routine of procrastination and complaints before spring break. I had a week full of vacations and events. The days approach quicker than i’d hoped, only to find myself disappointed in the outcome. First let me explain the events that led up to my disappointing week off of school. Sunday March 30th, my friend Maria invited my sister and I to a 4 day vacation to Myrtle Beach. We all had our own itineraries for the four days we would be there, even if they were all different. Friday April 4th, we were sure we were going to the beach, my sister and I were really looking forward to a few days with our friends, and no parents. We were set to leave Wednesday April 16th, so our plans before that would just be watch movies, and relax. Until Tuesday April 15th, when we got a call from our friend Maria who was booking the hotel and said that we were no longer going because of the lack of a credit card. This made for a very boring spring break full of movies again, and going out to eat almost on a daily. It could have been better but it also could have been worse.